Alternative Ways To Promote Your Products In ClickBank

by Chris Gilman

Clickbank is one of the World’s largest and most popular affiliate marketplaces. With over 200 million customers, there’s literally a product or service for everyone.

This range of choice is what makes Clickbank such an attractive proposition for affiliate marketers. Whether you want to target industry-wide or a specialized niche, there will be a product for you to find and sell on the Clickbank marketplace.

However, just finding a product to sell is only part of the job. Instead, you need to deploy effective marketing strategies to attract an online audience to sell to. Therefore, learning how to promote Clickbank products effectively is a sure-fire route to boosting sales and watching your commissions grow each week. In this blog, we will show you some of the best alternative ways to promote Clickbank products in 2022.

Using Ad Networks To Promote Clickbank Products

Many affiliate marketers are familiar with the practicalities of using Google Ads, Bing, and even Facebook Ads.

But to concentrate on those three channels is to ignore the multitude of advertising options that also exist.

That’s why we recommend exploring ad networks to promote your Clickbank products. An ad network connects businesses and marketers like yourself who want to run advertising with websites that wish to host adverts. The ad network will then display your advert based on your needs – such as audience profile, viewing habits, etc.

Ad networks provide an array of opportunities, such as PPV (pay-per-view) Advertising, Pop-Under Advertising, Native Ads, and even Mobile Ads, that you can use to promote your Clickbank products.

Our advice is to use ad networks that work with a high number of publishers who are capable of providing the level of quality targeted traffic that you require.

Using Banner Ads to Promote Your Clickbank Products

This approach is a simple, yet effective way to promote your Clickbank products, as long as you have your own website of course.

If you’re already receiving quality traffic to your website, then placing a banner advert promoting your Clickbank product is an awesome way to generate interest, and ultimately sales. Given this is your own website, you can experiment with different messages, calls to action, even colors if you wish, and use the results to optimize your external marketing efforts.

In a similar approach to the tactic above, you could also approach individual websites that belong to the same niche that you are targeting. Buying banner ad space on these websites ensures you have access to multiple traffic, thus enhancing your brand awareness and ultimately sales of your product.

Create Facebook Reviews to Promote Your Clickbank Products

Facebook has to be one of the most important channels when it comes to promoting your Clickbank products.

However, before you reach for your credit card and procure ad spend, why not consider this free-marketing tactic: writing product-style reviews.

With an eye-catching headline and descriptive product review, you can post articles on your Facebook feed, as well as into Facebook groups.

Your posts then get shared, and with the audience naturally having their interest piqued, they will click onto your website where you can obtain their email address for future marketing. You can even use Facebook re-targeting tools to display ads after they have visited your website too.

Don’t forget to use Pinterest to Promote Your Clickbank Product

If you’re looking for a FREE marketing tactic to promote your Clickbank product, then make sure to use Pinterest.

Infographics, memes, inspiring pictures, the options are endless when it comes to Pinterest. You even post product review articles or testimonial graphics too.

Of course, it goes without saying that you need to include your affiliate link. But for minimal input, Pinterest can become a great way to promote your Clickbank product.

Use Craigslist to Promote Clickbank Products

Did you know that Craigslist is one of the easiest, yet underused affiliate marketing tactics to promote Clickbank products in 2022?

Creating a classified ad on Craigslist couldn’t be more straightforward. Simply create some marketing copy, using accurate information and specific details about your Clickbank product, and then include your affiliate link.

With sections including jobs, services, housing, community, personals, goods, advice, for sale, items wanted, discussion forums, and just about anything else, you will easily find a suitable section to attract your target audience.

Promote Your Clickbank products via email marketing

All good affiliate marketers know that promoting the right product to the right audience with the right offer will guarantee sales.

Creating your own email marketing list does take time, but once you obtain their permission, you can start to create an effective drip-feed email campaign that will warm up and convert leads into sales.

What’s more, you have the perfect opportunity to re-share interesting, educational content, as well as up-selling over time too.

Now, the problem most aspiring affiliate marketers have is that yes, it does take time to build an email marketing list. What you could therefore do is approach website publishers and directories, who have large email lists, to send your email communications as a third party.

Many publishers offer this opportunity to affiliate marketers as they have obtained permission from their email subscribers to do this. Of course, this is a cold email, so you need to think about whether this should be a one-off or a sequence of emails, but for the right price, it can become a cost-effective way to promote your Clickbank products.

What’s the best way to promote your Clickbank products?

As an affiliate marketer will know, there are a plethora of marketing channels that you can use to promote your Clickbank products.

The best ones to use will be down to your individual target audience, their buying behavior, and of course the product itself.

This is where the greatest challenge lies for affiliate marketers – preselling.

Preselling is where you pitch the product to your prospects.

This can be in the form of a catchy strapline or a succinct product description. You need to let them know what the product is and why they should buy it from you. Take the time to explain the unique features and advantages of your Clickbank product, and how it will benefit them.

Whichever option you choose, make sure to always include your affiliate link!

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