Is ClickBank a Legit Opportunity for Affiliate Marketers?

by Chris Gilman

Is Clickbank legit? Novice and experienced affiliate marketers need to be wary of scams when it comes to making money on the internet. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. That’s why you will come across articles and internet forums discussing if ClickBank is a legit operation? Can you really make the sums of money that have been claimed?

Well, as most people will know, it takes more than just a click of a button to be a successful affiliate marketer. ClickBank is a legitimate affiliate marketing website, but for every winner, there will always be a handful of losers too. Therefore distinguishing the truth between the favorable reviews and scam claims can send any affiliate marketer into a head spin.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is the marketplace for product owners and brands to engage with affiliate marketers. Since the internet began, brands have realized they can tap into brand new audiences without having to spend a cent in marketing dollars. Instead, they can pay a commission to affiliate marketers, like yourself, to sell their products instead.

A former garage start-up run by three friends, ClickBank has been in business for over 17 years with an annual turnover of US$1billion. ClickBank has over 200 million customers worldwide.

Clearly, they are a big player in the affiliate marketing world. Their USP however is they only focus on digital products and especially cater to entrepreneurs to work with marketing experts like yourself.

The way it works is quite simple. Brands and entrepreneurs list their products on Clickbank. They detail the product, provide marketing collateral for affiliate marketers to use, and set commission rates. You, as the affiliate marketer, search ClickBank for products that you can successfully sell.

What kind of products are listed on ClickBank?

As we just mentioned, ClickBank hosts a wide range of digital products across a plethora of niches and industries. From eBooks, apps, courses, and guides, to webinars, website templates, and even software, ClickBank has it all.

However, the product quality can vary across the scale, and this is sometimes where ‘ClickBank is a scam’ claims originate from. Low-end, poor quality, even spammy-looking products can sit aside well-polished, genuine products.

It’s so tough to build a real online business these days that it really should spark alarm bells when you see any “Money Making” or “Get Rich Fast” products listed. It’s fine if that’s what you want to sell of course but putting in your due diligence is vital to avoid making a common mistake – wasting time and money promoting a product no-one wants to buy.

How do I find quality ClickBank products to sell?

When you visit the supermarket, you check out each aisle. If something grabs your eye, you’ll take it off the shelf and read more. If it tempts your tastebuds, then it’s going in the trolley. If not, it’s going back on the shelf.

Finding quality ClickBank products to sell is the same as visiting the supermarket. If you don’t like what you found, simply move on. There are millions of entrepreneurs on ClickBank, so you can afford to be picky.

If you need some help in finding quality ClickBank products to sell, then check out these top tips:

  1. Try the product first: Whether it’s a free sample, or perhaps you buy the product yourself, the only way to check its viability is to try it for yourself.
  2. Read the product reviews: If it’s a popular product there will be a review of it somewhere on the internet. Not only can these be used as great marketing collateral in the future, but it will give you a fantastic insight into what makes this product stand out for the right, or wrong, reasons.
  3. What’s the gravity score? ClickBank has created a ‘gravity score’ illustrating the number of affiliates who have sold the product in the past 12 weeks. That will give you an awesome insight into how sellable the product is.
  4. Is it too good to be true? Becoming a millionaire overnight is next to impossible, except if you choose the right lottery numbers or inherit a fortune from a long-lost Aunt. Therefore using common sense and being skeptical will stop you from believing the hype.
  5. Do your research: You’re here because you want to check if Clickbank is legit right? Well, the same needs to be done for each vendor you want to work with. If they are genuine, there will be a trace on the internet.

How do I get paid on ClickBank?

Now we’re all in this for the money, so be rest assured that to earn a payment from ClickBank you need to earn $10 in commissions.

That’s right, $10.

Weekly or bi-weekly payments can be requested, although it does take two weeks for the payment to reach your account.

Essentially, from the moment you start selling, expect there to be a 4-6 week wait before payments start to overlap with each other.

Why do people call ClickBank a scam?

As you may well know, affiliate marketing isn’t a guaranteed way to make money.

In fact, driving online traffic is difficult and you need a wide skillset to make it work.

Skills that include:

  • Copywriting
  • Google/Facebook Ads
  • Building Websites
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Retargeting
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Content Writing
  • And a whole lot more.

It takes time and effort to make affiliate marketing work for you.

So you can see how those who don’t make it work call ClickBank a scam.

They’ve either chosen the wrong product to sell and invested a huge amount of time into making it work or picked a great product but barely done any marketing.

In fact, you could even have chosen a great product and spent days on a marketing campaign, only to target irrelevant traffic.

So Is ClickBank a Scam or Legit?

Now you’ve read the article, what do you think?

Is ClickBank an elaborate racket or a genuine online business?

For sure, there are some low-quality affiliate programs that will make you $50 for 3 months’ work.

But there will be others who can make you $30 per day. Perhaps more.

ClickBank has over 2,300 Trustpilot reviews. It clearly does work for some. The question you need to ask is whether ClickBank is right for you?

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All aspirant online marketers should read this. It is sage advice. All should read the advice about selecting a product!
I am speaking from personal experience. I cannot emphasise the value of this article strongly enough.
Thank you.

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