How Do I Know If a Product Is Not a Scam On ClickBank?

by Chris Gilman

Is Clickbank Safe?

Is Clickbank Safe?: ClickBank affiliate platform is flooded with information and advertisement through which sellers plan and conceal their agenda. Using unreasonable promises to sell products has become a problem in the ClickBank marketplace, which has led to fear and mistrust. 

Due to this, both sellers and consumers want to play safe and avoid con games online. Expectedly, people continue to develop strategies to know more about their target products and programs. 

This article will help rebuild your confidence and show you how to spot unrealistic products and packages when striking deals in ClickBank marketplace.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Yes, ClickBank is safe and secure. It’s not a scam.

Like any other platform, it has its pros and cons. 

Its leniency gives room for overhyped products to thrive on it. However, its mega-size makes it a marketplace where you can get everything you want. Perfect!

Its durability is proof that it’s safe and secure. It has a track record of working with affiliates and vendors for decades. I think that’s why millions of entrepreneurs stick to this platform.

Whether you want to earn as a vendor or marketer, you need safety, and you need to protect your brand name. 

How to know Authentic Products in Clickbank

1. Proof the product first

There’s no doubt you want to help a number of people out there. But you need to be careful so that the help won’t turn into pain. Knowing a product very well will help you compel people to buy a product or save them from the pain of being scammed.

To play safe, you can request a review sample product from the product manufacturer to know whether the deal is real or not. If they turn down your request, you can purchase it with your money. Doing this will make you realize how authentic the product is. 

2. Check the product reviews

A careful check of reviews, ratings, and recommendations about the product you intend to sell is a wise decision. I’m not talking about reviews from other ClickBank affiliates because they may be tendentious. Instead, search for reviews on tested and trusted review sites like TestFreaks, CustomerReports, Customer Affairs, etc. If the product in focus is popular, it will have a product review in one or two places on the web.

3. Check the product’s gravity score

According to Daniel Thrasher, “The ClickBank Gravity Score is a performance metric used to measure the sales momentum of offers on the ClickBank affiliate marketplace. Over a 12-week rolling period, the ClickBank Gravity Score calculates how many unique affiliates are making commissions on a particular offer, with a higher emphasis on more recent product sales.

This number is important for both sellers and affiliates, but in different ways:

For sellers, the ClickBank Gravity Score serves as social proof to attract quality affiliates – it’s evidence that your products not only can get sales, but have gotten sales recently!

For affiliates, the ClickBank Gravity Score serves as a way to uncover promising offers that are actively making commissions for affiliates!”

This score is an important metric that can help internet marketers pick the right affiliate products.

Each gravity point is an official approval of the product. Therefore, if the gravity score is high, the product’s authenticity is also high.

But it’s risky to choose products using gravity points alone.

It is crucial to consider the viability of the product’s niche and verify the current competition level for a particular product before going for it. 

4. Watch out for the claims they make

Watching out to know the package that a vendor, product, or program claims to offer is a better way to detect a potential scam on ClickBank.  

Although money-making opportunities abound on the internet, it’s never on the platter of gold. Besides, income generation online is like a living entity that must pass through the growth process. 

You need to think twice about any platform that promises to offer sudden fortune. ClickBank is not a place to command wealth without working. Experience shows that you need to input something before you can make significant things here. 

No doubt, many packages will promise you quick success without breaking a sweat, but mind you, ClickBank doesn’t work that way. 

If you embrace any program that overpromises, you will put customers in danger while risking the reputation you’ve built over time.

I suggest that you should be diplomatic before throwing your weight behind what seems to be unrealistic. 

Remember, integrity is the key to profit in business. 

5. See beyond the status saver

According to Kenshoo research paper reports, 85% of online shoppers turn to Google for ideas and information before making a purchase.

The first thing to do when you see a vendor that interests you is to google it. It is important to note that most vendors that plan to cheat will likely stay behind the door. They won’t like to show their faces and identities.

Active and reputable business people have a traceable online history. So trading with any individual or institution that’s invisible on Google is risky.

6. Check for upsells

One of the things that makes Clickbank stand out is its simplicity. A lot of vendors take advantage of this to start with upsell. This system operates like a pyramid or climbing up a ladder. 

It has a low price that’s welcoming. But, the moment a person joins, there’s a need for multiple sales to advance to the next level. They keep promising that income will start coming, but this promise will not materialize. 

In the end, people will see it as a pyramid scheme, an illicit money-making investment whereby early investors are paid primarily or wholly by later investors.

A lot of people are not honest about what you should really expect in upselling. 

Before you opt for upsell, ensure there’s transparency about the cost and income.

7. Don’t be enticed by the high commission

Every business person is out there to make money. Affiliate marketing is a deal that gives commissions. Some products can fetch you hundreds of dollars as commission from a single sale. This kind of appealing opportunity abounds on ClickBank.

But don’t allow this to mislead you. It may give you a considerable amount now and could be detrimental to your business in the future.      

Conclusion – Is Clickbank Safe?

ClickBank is a legit affiliate network, and you can get a lot of income from it. 

However, the risk of choosing worthless products is still there. Some of them are very low in quality and will not add any value to your visitors. Sometimes, you will even end up spending more money, even though they promise something better.

To protect yourself and your customers, this article has hinted that you proof the product first, check the product reviews and gravity score. After that,

  • Watch out for the claims that programs make.
  • Try to see beyond the status saver.
  • Check for upsells.
  • Avoid being enticed by the high commission.

Finally, it is important to remember that using only one of these tactics to test any product may not keep you safe. Make sure you apply everything.

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