Will Solo Ads For Website Traffic Still Work In 2022?

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by Chris Gilman

Fearless Forecast for Affiliate Marketers

Well, maybe you just underestimated how powerful email marketing (aka solo ads for website traffic) is and how it can increase quality visitors to your business website/landing page. It’s the era of social media buzz, where virtual networking is at the tip of everyone’s finger, and emails look a bit out of style and outdated, right?

If you want to use a traffic-generating technique, but are skeptical about which one is the best for your business, I want you to use dedicated email. Email marketing is one of the best and highest conversion-generating ways to drive traffic. It is still one of the most effective ways to build your business and make money online. Yes!

Sounds incredible, right? Here’s why it is so! 

Facts about solo ads

For starters, digital marketing is great. Nevertheless, you should be able to distinguish between a buying and paying audience. Your audience falls into any of these two categories.

  • An audience that’s serious and should really be seeing your products and services.
  • An audience that might not find relevance in what you are offering.

This has nothing to do with how valuable or great your product is, it’s about them not finding it useful or relevant.

That’s why you need an algorithmic digital marketing approach that will help you achieve two things.

  • Helps you track potential and convertible clients.
  • Helps you put your business in their faces. 

There are many ways to get that done.

Many businesses continue to run solo ads campaigns because of one thing, which is its effectiveness. Yeah, you probably know about Facebook and Google, BuySellAds, Reddit, ads, but here is why you should choose solo ads, whether you are an aspiring solo ads vendor or a business owner. 

Solo ads is certainly one of the most effective digital ad campaigns even in 2022. 

However, there are myths and unfounded truths associated with solo ads that need to be debunked and discarded. Here are some of them.

Solo ads are irrelevant in 2022

Despite the booming and widespread popularity of chat apps and social media messengers, emails still remain an integral part of daily life and means of communication. 

You should ditch the conspiracy theories from naysayers or brand influencers. There is no such thing as solo ads being outdated or no longer relevant or outdated. 

According to the Statistics Research Department, the number of Email users increased to 4 billion in 2020 and is set to hit 4.6 billion users after five years. As long as people have access to the internet and can still open their emails, the relevance of solo ads will never dwindle.

It’s a waste of money. The market is saturated

This is a gross misconception that has prevented many from taking action and benefitting from solo ads. 

Of course, with more people thinking creatively and coming up with innovative solutions and approaches, the market will continue to be saturated. 

Even though it is true that some niches are more saturated than others, this still shouldn’t deter you from putting your best foot forward. The truth is, there is more to gain and nothing to lose.

You won’t get your target niche. It’s a one-size-fits-all kind of marketing strategy.

This is another myth that is being passed on by people who don’t know how solo ads work. A good solo ad vendor knows how to categorize products and distribute them to the target niche audience. 

There are different niches and target audiences for each of them. Your ad campaign is getting to the relevant audience and exactly those who need to see it and patronize you.

Solo ads are really expensive to run

There is a claim that the cost of solo ads is high. On the contrary, Solo ads are one of the relatively cheapest campaign ads you can run. Although the price varies, based on 

ü Who is selling it to you 

ü Price per click  

ü The number of people you need to reach at the same time.

But even at that, it is still relatively cheap. The meager amount used in running the ads is nothing compared to the massive returns it promises.

Solo ads don’t convert much

Solo ads promise more conversion rates than most digital marketing campaigns. Once your content is engaging, top-notch, and relatable, it will draw customers to your website and probably help them make a purchase.

Even if they don’t buy anything on the spot, you can get them on your email list and keep them for long-term purposes.

That being said, here is why you should buy solo ads.

1. You can grow your business organically

Solo ads are one of the fastest tools to achieve maximum growth in your business. One of the immense benefits of solo ads is the opportunity to grow your business organically in a short while. 

With solo ads, you will grow a circle. I mean a ready audience that has access to timely updates and information about your business and can make frequent purchases from you.

2. It is scalable

Running marketing ads and campaigns can cost a lot, especially for beginners and medium-sized businesses with limited resources and budgets. 

However, if you are a small business owner and don’t have a chunk of money to splurge on campaign ads, this is the ideal campaign for you. It is affordable and pocket-friendly. 

Another interesting thing is that you can start small. You can start with small clicks like 50- 100 clicks and scale it up to up to 1000 or 10,000 clicks or more, as you continue to grow. 

The truth is, it gives room for growth. And hey, no pressure. Just continue to grow in leaps and bounds. 

3. Emails are more personal

As you know, people are more likely to read any mail that drops in their mailbox than a random business advertisement and pop up on their phone. You can use that to your advantage. 

Once your content is engaging and proposes value, they are likely to open and read it. If you are looking to filter out fluffs, focus on a targeted audience, email marketing could be your likely consideration.

Whether or not solo ads will continue to be relevant isn’t the question. Because they always will. The real question is, are you willing to maximize the advantages and possibilities it offers to push your products out there and get the desired results and feedback?

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