How to Make Money on Clickbank – Affiliate Marketing Guide

by Chris Gilman

Making money on Clickbank is the holy grail for affiliate marketers. But, like any adventure, the route to sustained long-term profit isn’t a linear path. Many affiliate marketers sign up to Clickbank, search for high commission products, and fantasize about the riches that will fall into their bank accounts.

If only it was that simple!

The reason why so many affiliate marketers flock to Clickbank is that it’s the ultimate marketplace for brands to work with affiliate marketers and back money together. But if you’re serious about making money from Clickbank then you need to put the work in.

In this blog, we will walk you through the key steps that affiliate marketers must consider to generate a sustained revenue stream from Clickbank.

How to find the right product to sell on Clickbank?

As an affiliate marketer, your first step should be to find a solid product or product, that will help you build a profitable Clickbank sales funnel.

Therefore screening offers and finding the right ones that allow you to tap into existing traffic and build that profitable sales funnel needs to be your first port of call.

But what makes a great Clickbank product? Here are some of our top tips to look out for when screening products:

  • Is there a low-cost initial offer followed by up-sale opportunities?
  • Does the product have video sales pages & content sales pages?
  • Have previous customers left positive reviews about the product? This is especially important to consider as refunds cost you money!
  • A gravity score above 20 means the sales page already converts well.
  • If your product has a commission of over $100 then place this high on your priority list!
  • Remember to check the terms and conditions too. There might be certain keywords you’re not allowed to bid on. If you’re not happy with the terms, don’t feel pressured into promoting that product.

The reason we advise this process is that you need a solid product that customers want! Then, you can focus on creating the sales funnel and starting to convert traffic. Once you get the traffic, then you can work on optimizing your funnel, and then after the product has been proven to be profitable, you can scale.

Remember, the typical process for a wannabe affiliate marketer is to sign up to Clickbank, find a poor product that has high commissions, and then throw random traffic at it. Once the realization dawns that no one is buying, it’s Clickbank’s fault. With your due diligence, you’ll be setting yourself up to succeed.

How to generate online traffic and promote my Clickbank product?

There are two ways to online traffic that attracts potential customers into your Clickbank sales funnel

  1. Organic / Free Content: Using SEO tactics, you can create value-led content such as blogs, video reviews, how-to guides etc that customers are searching for. This is a long-term game plan.
  2. Advertising: Whether it’s Bing, Google Ads, or Facebook, advertising your product on related search terms is the quickest way to sell your product.

The truth is that you will need to implement a mix of both options to successfully generate a long-term income from your Clickbank product.

If you’re going to create content on your landing page (which is a must really), then you need to optimize it for search engines. Now it can take time for this approach to work – perhaps even up to 6 months, but its impact cannot be ignored. This will become free traffic for you. It will be traffic who are visiting your landing page because they have questions that only you can solve. Therefore you are building trust and authority with your audience!

With online ads, you can find pretty much any audience you want to target on Facebook. Google and Bing’s traffic is driven by the keywords that the user is searching for at any one time. This means ultimately, you’ll need to create different ads – one set which is much more informed about your product, and the other which is a more direct call to action as they are already actively searching for a solution.

Optimizing Your Sales Funnel Landing Page

Driving traffic to your Clickbank sales funnel landing page is the hardest part of your journey, but don’t waste all that time and effort with a poor landing page.

In fact, we’d go as far as to say this is the most crucial element of your entire Clickbank Affiliate Marketers Journey. So why not think about creating a lead magnet to further strengthen your Clickbank sales funnel?

From recipes to workouts, how-to guides to wallcharts, informational content further deepens the relationship between you and your customer. Not only can you capture vital data like email addresses, but it also provides an additional route to upselling campaigns in the future.

Therefore, why not consider implementing the following on your landing page:

  • Opt-in pop-ups – You can collect hundreds of email addresses with opt-in pop-ups, which often can lead to 5-6% conversion rates.
  • Content upgrades – Adding in a content upgrade, such as vital further information or knowledge, is a great final call to action at the end of your landing page.
  • Retargeting – It’s true that not everyone buys the first time. In fact, many would-be customers need more time to be convinced. Retargeting via Facebook ads is the perfect way to continue promoting your product and push them down the sales funnel.

Once you start to collect email addresses then you can do lots of cool email marketing campaigns that will further drive sales.

So how easy is it to get started?

Clickbank makes it easy for any affiliate marketer to get started and make money online.

Regardless of your experience, you don’t need to be verified or approved, which means you can start selling straight away.

However, finding the right product to sell is going to make your life easier, or harder, so spending time on your due diligence is vital. By following some of the key tips in this article, you will be best placed to make money with Clickbank!

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