Leadpages As Sales Funnel Builder, Is It Worth The Expense?

Leadpages as sales funnel builder worth the expense
by Chris Gilman

Leadpages as your sales funnel builder. Do you know that Sales Funnel Builder? if well set up and rightfully done. an be an effective tool in getting the feedback you desire in your business? Want to boost your online sales and attract more customers by using affiliate marketing to increase your products’ awareness? Do you think you have to be a sales techie or guru to be able to do that? 

Not necessarily. If you follow the proper steps and do it the right way. Then You can build your own sales funnel and guide. your customers and prospective clients through their journey to finding the value you have to offer.

A sales funnel is one of the most effective tools in marketing that can work for you anytime, any day, also as a business owner or a service provider. Utilizing a sales funnel strategy helps you map the journey that a prospective client or visitor makes when buying a product.

Since you aren’t physically present to convince your customers and do the talking, your website needs to be set in a way that meets the needs of your customers so that they will keep moving towards making a purchase. Whether you want to generate leads or turn leads into paying customers, these tips will work just fine for you.

Here is why you should use Leadpages as your sales Funnel Builder

But first of all, what are Leadpages?

Leadpages is a drag and drop marketing software tool used to build landing pages and websites. One spectacular feature of Leadpages is that it is incredibly easy to use. With Leadpages, almost anyone can DIY and build a landing page, with no code required. 

1. You can create Sales Funnel Builder, landing pages and pop up in minutes

With Leadpages, you don’t have to worry about knowing how to code or not being a web designer. The software’s usability is incredible. It is easy to use and navigate. You can build a marketing funnel in a matter of minutes.

There are quite a number of design templates you can pick from and tweak to your taste and desire. Then, in a matter of minutes, You can also create sales funnel, landing pages, and pop up your landing page is up and running. 

2. It is pocket-friendly: Sales Funnel Builder

For small-scale business owners and entrepreneurs who do not have a chunk of money to run marketing ads and there is definitely something for everyone with Leadpages also you don’t have to start big if you don’t want to.

The standard plan comes at $25 per month and while the pro accounts pay almost double that – $48. You can also subscribe to higher plans if you want more premium packages. 

However, no matter what plan you are on, you get unlimited traffic, generate leads, and do landing page publishing. So, considering the meager amount used in purchasing the package and the enormous potential returns you get from it, it’s definitely more than worth it. In the end, it is a constant winning for your business.

3. Conversion tools that help accelerate the growth of your business

There are conversion tools that help and guide you to know how well your page will perform and what you should tweak before publishing. These tools will help you optimize the traffic on your page and turn leads to paying customers. Here are some of them:

Leadmeter: Leadmeter helps predict how well your page will perform and tells you what to tweak before publishing it.

Alert bars: Alert bars are publishable on any website or landing page and can be used to attract additional customers and leads.

Intuitive pop-up forms: Intuitive pop-up forms can be used to capture visitors’ attention on any page throughout the website.

4. You can grow your email faster

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to sell online. If you want to grow your email list and increase your subscribers’ database, you can set up opt-in forms with the help of opt-in forms and create a pop-up on your landing page, where customers can drop their emails and subscribe. This way, you can grow your list organically and promote your products. sales funnel builder

5. It is mobile responsive and accessible

Do you want to access the Leadpages software through your phone? No worries! You can do that without hassles. All content is mobile responsive and displays maximally on devices of different sizes and types, whether tablet, desktop, or mobile tool.

The multi-device preview is automatically generated; therefore, no additional procedures are pivotal to ensure you are hitting all types of devices with the same impactful design. There is also a device-specific display setting, which allows users to design specific sections as well as shows (or hides) them on certain devices.

If you intend to take your business to the next level and optimize all the opportunities that virtual space offers you to grow and expand, then you should have access to all the right tools and resources. With Leadpages, advertising and marketing just became easier. You can build and set up your own sales funnel just in a few clicks.

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