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by Chris Gilman

Tasks to Outsource to Virtual Assistants for Affiliate Marketing

Running a business, especially a small business is a daunting task. If it’s affiliate marketing, then you are in for some serious work and a multitasking game. It means, 

  • Building a website
  • Creating engaging content and remaining consistent
  • Customer care management while ensuring top-notch service and delivery
  • Keeping in touch with prospective clients and many more. 

For one person, this isn’t only overwhelming, but it is also counterproductive. 

If you desire to upscale and optimize the revenues in your affiliate marketing business, a time will come that you have to consider outsourcing. Of course, it needs no telling. 

Letting go of some of the crucial parts of your business leaves you with so many uncertainties and doubts. “Will they do it as excellently as I do?” “Can they perform the magic and unleash the kind of creativity needed to make this work?” These and other questions that make you want to continue to think you can accomplish it all alone and wear yourself out are the questions that come to mind. But the truth is, you need to see the bigger picture here and give your business the shot it needs to grow. So, what do you do to make that work?

Get virtual assistants. Yes, virtual assistants!

So, if you are an affiliate marketer and desire to find out what to outsource, here are 5 tasks you can outsource to virtual assistants to make your job easier and more productive. But before I unfold them, you need to know some things about a virtual assistant.

Who is a virtual assistant, and what do they do?

A virtual assistant, otherwise known simply as a VA is an independent contractor that provides administrative services to clients while operating beyond the limit of the client’s office. A virtual assistant majorly operates from a home office but can access the necessary planning documents, such as shared calendars, remotely. 

They are also skilled virtual assistants in other areas like social media management, graphic design, content management, blog post writing, Internet marketing, and so on. 

1. Marketing Metrics, Report, and Research

As business owners seek to run more efficient businesses at lower costs, more independent marketing professionals can be tasked to showcase how the marketing system generates money and contributes to the business goals. 

Engaging people to research and bring reports will make data available on the table. And getting the numeric data will justify the marketers’ efforts. It will also reflect the direct relationship between marketing and the bigger goals of the organization.

Marketing metrics have different elements of measuring marketing metrics. These include:

  • Net sales billed
  • Number of product or design registrations
  • Brand surveys to measure brand awareness. 

If you allow people to help you collect and analyze marketing metrics, it will boost your business in so many ways. In fact, getting adequate knowledge of the past and present data will help you make the right decision and move your business to the next level under the fast-changing market conditions.

2. Blog writing

The truth is, writing might look like an ordinary skill that everyone possesses, but not everyone is a wordsmith. Some are more inclined in this area than others. Content writing is a skill on its own. Besides, blog writing takes a lot of time, especially if you want to create quality articles. 

You should also remember that there’s no cutting corners or compromising on content because good content will always be the king. It is a needed tool to attract meaningful engagements and digital visibility. In other words, to promote your affiliate products, you need to write valuable, compelling, and top-notch content. Outsource writing. Please give it to the professionals so that you can channel your energy to other aspects of your business that you are really good at.

3. Social Media Management

Normally, this looks like the least tedious work there is. But don’t be too hasty in making conclusions yet. The job of a social media manager isn’t just about commenting on posts across all social media platforms. It also includes hiring someone who understands how powerful PR is and how to position your business for maximizing virtual opportunities.

They also help you churn out valuable content that helps your business rank and gives you needed visibility. So, yeah, you need a social media manager.

4. Web/graphic designing

A strong brand design and identity is indispensable to affiliate marketing, especially your website. It isn’t just about what you have to say, but the medium with which you choose to say it is also a critical factor in how your message is received and perceived. Lackluster and shoddy designs aren’t great for your brand or website. If you have basic design skills and can handle small tasks, then go ahead with it. However, if you have no background knowledge of what it takes to create outstanding visuals, then you should consider outsourcing that to a professional. A user-friendly website with aesthetically pleasing visuals will boost the chances of success in affiliate marketing.

5. Other tasks

There might be other seemingly inconsequential tasks, albeit time-consuming ones, that you need to take off your hands like:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Setting reminders for important tasks
  • Staying up-to-date with trends in your niche
  • Sourcing relevant information from your competitors that could be immensely helpful to improve your brand etc

A virtual assistant is a go-to person to help you take charge of that area as a real pro. 

As it stands, you don’t have to do everything all by yourself and constantly wear yourself out when you can outsource and make your job easier. 

However, paying all the professionals mentioned above might be practically impossible for start-ups and evolving businesses. But you don’t have to employ them at once or feel pressured to. You can take it one at a time or even oversee things till you are buoyant enough to afford the services of a pro. You can also upskill- Learn relevant skills that are needed to grow your business.

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James High

Definately useful information. I look forward to having to hire a VA.
Thank you!

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